Why Hire SBVA?

Santa Barbara Virtual Assistants works as your partner.  Like you, we are a small business owner with the understanding of the stresses, cost sensitivity and time requirements of small business.  That’s why we tailor our services to fit your schedule and your needs.

We can even help you organize your personal life and keep you productive professionally and personally.  As an independent contractor, we understand how intertwined the entrepreneur’s personal and professional life can be.

Why Hire a VA?

A virtual assistant (VA) costs less than an employee.  Although the rate charged may be more than you would pay an employee, you don’t have the added expense of taxes, employee benefits, equipment and office space. You are only charged for the hours worked, not for down time or breaks. For more complex, consistent needs, we are also available on retainer.

The convenience of working with us is that:

  • We already have our own office so you can still run your office the way that makes you comfortable while having excellent administrative support.
  • We work on flexible hours making it easier to get your projects done when you need them.
  • We can usually start work immediately!

If you are spending too much of your time on administrative tasks taking time away from more strategic tasks like growing your business, marketing and finance, we can take those tasks off your hands.  You’ll be free for the things YOU really need to handle. If you are hesitant about hiring a VA, you can start with a small project, and as you get more comfortable, increase our responsibilities.

Santa Barbara Virtual Assistants focuses on our quality of work because we, too, are growing our business. The job we do is a direct reflection on us.

Contact us if a VA sounds like just what you need to get your business on the fast track.